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The Foundation will consider financially supporting any study or project related to the marine environment.

That said we need to prioritise among the many worthwhile opportunities so our preference lies in the following areas:

  • Marine conservation and related biological science

  • Sustainable aquaculture

  • Marine genetics

Financial support size varies and ranges from small ($1,000) to large ($1,000,000) depending on the marine science involved and the scope of the project.

This support may be on a one-off or an ongoing basis for longer term projects


As a guide to applicants please view our ‘Projects’ which provide a very brief summary of some of the science and activities which have been supported.


Tax deduction eligibility is a consideration however the Foundation can support projects that are not necessarily eligible for a tax deduction.


If you feel as though your project is something that the Foundation would support we welcome your application. Please provide a brief CV, a one page summary of your project and the scope of your request and we will assess and respond promptly.

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