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The founding principal of the Foundation is marine conservation.


"The marine environment is hugely important to the future wellbeing of all life on earth.  To properly care for the seas we must do our best to understand them.  Over the years I have enjoyed supporting the pursuit of marine science and conservation and during this time I have observed an increasing desire by Australians from all walks of life to really care for the oceans.  Commercial or amateur fishers, others working in the marine space or simply those who enjoy the sea when they can,  give me growing confidence that we will be able preserve our beautiful marine environments while still ensuring we can work and play there as well" - Jock Clough


The Foundation provides encouragement and financial support to assist young scientists in furthering their post- graduate studies.


Additionally the Foundation funds research in Australia and our neighbouring countries directed towards advancing our understanding of the marine environment and specific marine conservation initiatives. 


If you are an individual or group seeking financial support please see our ‘Interested Parties’ page for further information.

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